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Wrought Iron Fence

Sacramento Fence Pros - Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron is one of the strongest fencing materials out there to date. It is usually used to make rods. The wrought iron can be molded to fit a variety of ornamental designs. The best part is, that it is somewhat costly, it will add value to your home or property over time due to its hardness and how long it lasts. If you are thinking that wrought iron fencing is the option you would like to go with, pick up the phone and give Sacramento Fencing Pros a call today! (916) 659-5680

Wrought iron fences are the strongest of the strongest when it comes to various types of fencing solutions. This is because wrought iron is made from an unbreakable and highly durable solid metal that is molded into shapes and rods and later implanted into the design of wrought iron fence that you so desire. Wrought iron fences and vinyl fence are beyond elegant and classy and can add significant value to your home’s exterior. With wrought iron fencing you’ll never have to worry about the fence itself disintegrating, especially when maintained with care.


The durability of wrought iron is virtually unbeatable because of its strength. Since wrought iron is made from a solid metal, it cannot easily be bent, puncture, or broken with everyday wear. This makes it great for outdoor use because it can combat all types of weather encounters and can provide you the safety and security you’re looking for in a fencing system. The durability of wrought iron is unmatched to other materials on the market and we suggest considering wrought iron for your next project when you’re looking for something with maximum durability.


Wrought iron is incredibly diverse when it comes to the options available for its appearance. Many clients appreciate that it can quickly be molded into various designs, with the tops of rods being altered into spears, spades, and many more unique shapes. The appearance of wrought iron is enough to make clients want to invest in it more simply because it sleek and timeless. We recommend consulting with one of our professional fencing pros before having wrought iron installed to see what your options are when it comes to altering its appearance and adding your own customizations. Chances are, we have some ideas for you that you haven’t even considered yet!


Another quality that clients appreciate about wrought iron is its surprising longevity. Wrought iron fences, when installed correctly, can easily last clients well beyond 10 years of use without the need for frequent repairs or replacements. When your wrought iron is cleaned from time to time and sealed or painted to protect it from rust, you can trust that your fence will serve you and your property well for long periods of time. Along with the ability to be integrated into gates, wrought iron is a go-to solution for long-term results.


While there isn’t much maintenance needed with wrought iron fences, we do recommend having your wrought iron painted or sealed from time to time to maintain its pristine appearance. Wrought iron, like most other metals, is also susceptible to rust when overexposed to moisture. To prevent rust from spreading or altering the color of your wrought iron, you have the option to have your wrought iron fence cleaned annually to reduce the appearance of such. Professional fencing pros are also to assist with cleaning your wrought iron fence to ensure that the appearance of rust does not spread and deteriorate the overall integrity of your wrought iron.