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Wood Fence

Sacramento Fence Pros - Wood Fence

Wood has long been used as a standard and durable choice for many outdoor fencing projects. Wood’s classic and customizable appearance has made it a go-to for many that want sturdy fencing panels to reduce visibility, increase privacy, and have a lasting fence that will withstand the outdoor elements year after year. Wood fences come in a variety of types and colors, depending on the type of wood you choose for your outdoor space, as well as the type of fence you’re anticipating on installing to begin with.

Types of Wood

While there are many types of wood available to use for your wood fencing project, there are also a handful of ones that we trust the most based on their strength and appearance, as well as overall quality. These types of wood include cedar and pine. For those that are most concerned about quality and durability, these two types of woods are definitely the ones to opt for when making the selection. They’re the two types of wood that we will almost always recommend to our clients for their wood fencing projects because they’re highly resistant to most elements and can readily last you for several years on end. Therefore, you’ll quickly notice instant return on your fence when you decide to invest in wood as the building material.

Wood Staining

Looking for a way to customize your wood and metal fencing to match your home or surrounding outdoor space? Wood staining is the best way to go about this! Wood staining is the process of adding a shade or pigmentation to the top layer of the wood to alter its hue. Many clients often do this to brighten or darken their existing wood. Staining the wood does not damage it nor does it compromise its integrity. In fact, staining your wood can make it more valuable and versatile for outdoor use because of its color and aesthetic.

Custom Wood Fences

If you’re interested in the installation of a custom wood fence, we’re here to offer our assistance. Custom wood fences include anything like perimeter fences for residential use or even agricultural fences for farming and animal use. We have experience incorporating different custom wood fence designs into your outdoor space to ensure that they service the exact purpose you’re hoping for. This means that we can build separations, barriers, gates, standard fences, and we can reduce or increase visibility to your liking.


When considering a wood fence for your outdoor space, you might be wondering what the level of upkeep is that comes with these types of fences. While wood fences can easily last you for several years without much maintenance, they do need to be tended to from time to time. This includes treating your wood for mold or rotting to reduce deterioration and occasionally topping up on your wood fence’s sealant and stain (if any) to maintain its overall appearance and durability. We recommend all clients with wood fences to have wood sealants on their fences to avoid rotting and mold caused from overexposure to moisture.