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Vinyl Fence

Sacramento Fence Pros - Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing has long been chosen because of its affordability and durability when considered an alternative of wood fencing. While maintaining a great appearance, vinyl is a long-lasting solution for those that want reduced visibility and maximum privacy. Vinyl fencing can easily be painted installed according to your preference and style. This includes taller panels or wide spacing, as well as pattern or designs that enhance the appearance of the vinyl as whole. If you’re in the market for a low-cost fencing alternative that mimics the appearance and durability of wood, then vinyl is the material for you. The vinyl fencing option is for those who would like the added aesthetic of a fence, but not high cost of the other materials offered. Our vinyl fences can also be painted and customized to your liking as well!


As mentioned previously, vinyl fencing is one of the most cost-efficient and friendly options to hardwood or wrought iron counterparts. Vinyl is quick to install and won’t leave you with regular maintenance that hardwood or metal might. This makes the overall affordability of vinyl much more appreciated for those on a budget opposed to other options on the market. Not only does vinyl look great all the time, but you can readily customize it to your liking with the reliability that it’ll maintain its appearance over time without having to lift a finger or spend extra funds to maintain it.


With vinyl fencing, you have the option to readily customize your fencing exactly to your liking. This means that you’re given the freedom to choose the designs, patterns, and color of your vinyl fencing, as well as the height and shape of the vinyl panels prior to installation. Vinyl fencing provides the unique experience to integrate your fencing into your yard in the way that you’ve always wanted to. Have some other landscaping structures around the lawn that you’d like us to help complement with your vinyl fencing, or even other gates or fences? No problem! Our vinyl fencing can do just that!


Along with being incredibly affordable and durable, vinyl fencing is also a very modern option that can add comfort and value to your home, especially if you’re considering updating, remodeling, or if you have a newer build. What better way to add some more chic and sleekness to your home than with a newly-installed vinyl fence that can enhance the modernity of your home? There is no better way! Vinyl fencing is quickly becoming contractors’ contemporary favorite in fencing materials because of its strong properties and modern appearance.

Vinyl Fence Painting

What clients enjoy most about vinyl fencing is that it can easily be painted and customized further with colors and shades that emphasize the outdoor appearance of both the lawn and the home. While painting your vinyl fencing is not uncommon, there is however, a delicate process needed to painting the vinyl surface material to ensure that the paint does not deteriorate prematurely. The process to paint your vinyl fence includes using special paint that is designed to stick to the material and hold well without chipping or peeling when exposed to the natural outdoor elements, such as UV rays and moisture. Find out much more details about us.