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this is an image of snake fence in Sacramento, California

A snake fence installation is a great way to protect your property from unwanted predators. The ridge design offers a visual barrier that deters snakes and other critters from entering the area. It's also an effective way to reduce or eliminate rodent problems in yards, gardens, and farms. Our team of experienced professionals at Sacramento Fencing Pros will guide you through selecting the right type for your needs and provide you with installation services tailored to your budget requirements. We offer free estimates! Contact us at  (916) 306-8338 today about a snake fence in Sacramento, CA.

More About Snake Fence

It is snake-proof fencing that can be used to protect your property from snake infestation. A snake fence is needed when there are any snakes in the house or on the land installed. It keeps them out and away. The snake-proof material works by creating a physical barrier to avoid getting past and entering into an area. Still, many materials also generate electrical pulses, which will deter snakes, making sure they stay well clear of!

Do Snake Fences Work? 

It depends on which one you buy and how it's installed. A snake fence is made up of many different materials, some with more bite than others. More importantly, the way they are put together determines their success or failure in keeping snakes at bay. At best, a snake fence will keep most snakes out if properly sited and installed, but there can be no guarantee that every snake (or snake species) won't try to enter your protected area!

What About Maintenance for Snake-proof Fencing? 

Snake proofing requires very little by way of ongoing maintenance to keep working well. Just an annual check over should suffice provided the installation was done correctly in the first place. So, make sure this happens before the hot season arrives when snakes like to make an appearance!

What Types of Snake Fences are There? 

There are several types, including traditional galvanized wire mesh, stainless steel meshes (including powder-coated varieties), heavy-duty plastic mesh such as Rhino Mesh, with varying levels of effectiveness - both snake fencing and snake protection.

How Long Will It Last? 

It depends on the material you use, but generally, a snake fence can last anywhere from five to fifteen years before needing replacement or repair. In some cases, galvanized wire mesh may require the yearly application of a rust-inhibiting coating to prevent corrosion which could cause holes or breaks over time. It's also important that snake fences are checked regularly for damage so they remain effective barriers against snakes and other pests entering an area where they might be problematic. 

Why Choose Sacramento Fencing Pros for Snake Fence Installation? 

Our snake fence installation services are affordable, dependable, and professional. We're the best snake fencing contractor in Sacramento for a reason! Our team is highly experienced and trained to handle snake infestations of any kind, be it mice or snakes; we know how to get rid of them all! Let us help you take back your property today with our fence installation and fence repair service in Sacramento, CA. Give us a call at (916) 306-8338 to get free estimates.