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Metal Fence

Sacramento Fence Pros - Metal Fence

Metal fences are the best solution for when you want fences to be functional and secure. Since most metal fences are made from steel or aluminum, you won’ be short of options when it comes to figuring out which type of metal is best for your fencing project. Both metals provide durable properties that are ideal investments for larger projects that you want completed with detail and strength. Metal fences have long been trusted and used in a variety of spaces ranging from residential to commercial because of their versatility and low maintenance. We recommend metal fencing solutions for those that want a no-frills fencing solution but care more about quality and strength than anything else.

Benefits of Metal Fences

The benefits of metal fences include their versatility and ability to mimic other fencing materials, such as wrought iron, but for a lower price, as well as their low maintenance. Since most metal fences are often made from steel or aluminum, they can be integrated into chain-link systems, hollow rods and posts, and much more. What’s more, metal fences have a much longer lifespan than other building materials often chosen for fences such as wood or vinyl. With a metal fence, regardless of its metal type, you’re looking at a great fence that’ll last you anywhere between 15 – 20 years with ongoing use in prime condition.

Residential Fences

Residential metal fencing is used for those that don’t mind some visibility but prefer to have boundaries or perimeters above all. Metal fences, especially chain-link fences, can easily provide this. Along with more visibility in your residential space, chain-link fences also provide low-maintenance for those that don’t want to worry too much about upkeep, as well as more sunlight and direct, natural exposure for your lawn.

Commercial Fences

Metal fences for commercial use are a great investment for your property, whether you own a small business and want a metal fence to increase security or you’d simply like to keep your outdoor space more welcoming to clients, our metal fences can help you do both and everything in between. With commercial fencing solutions, we always take into account the amount of space that will need to be covered with our metal fences, regardless if the fence is serving as a privacy fence or as a perimeter one. Commercial fences are reliable and trusted so your property is safe and secure from unwanted company and can keep the inside of your space looking better than ever before.


What makes our metal fences so unique is that they’re very versatile. Since the metals available can be incorporated into the fences in different ways, you have several options for metal fences. They include chain-link fences which are standard and reliable, as well as rod and post fences that are a series of lined or tubular rods which are connected using a horizontal frame and secured with a larger post in between. Both types can also be integrated into gates and for other uses as well such as pool fences.