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Fence Repair

Sacramento Fence Pros - Fence Repair

Fence repairs are often cheaper than replacing a whole fence entirely and are needed when your fence is deteriorating or could use some special attention. The quality of your fence is determined by how well it’s looked after during its years of use. If you’ve only had your fence for a few years and already notice it deteriorating, it may be time to consider sealants or cleanings. If your wood fence is older, damages and deterioration are to be expected, but can be combatted to prolong your fence’s functionality.

Fence Repairs

Fence repairs are done to both repair your fence, maintain security, and reduce the costs associated with fence maintenance. We know that replacing a fence entirely means more costs, but we aim to reduce those costs by offering localized fence repairs that target the damaged area and repair it with ease. Our fence repairs can add an extra few years onto your existing fence and are done so professionally that you won’t even notice where the repair happened, as it will blend it with the rest of your fence perfectly.

Gate Repairs

Some might think gate repairs are tricky, but in reality, they are treated similar to standard fence repairs. This is because the materials used to build the gate are usually the same, with the hinges and latches of the gate being the major difference. If your gate is having a hard time closing or doesn’t close all the way, there could be a problem with the hinge itself and the system may require a new one. We assist with installing and removing hinges to give the gates greater ease when opening and closing. If your gates are automatic, we can also assist with system setup and configuration of the electronic gate.

Storm Damage Repairs

If your fence has been damaged in a severe storm, we’ve got you covered. We help clients repair their fences when storms hit and trees fall onto your fence or the storm itself has ripped through the fence’s barrier. To prevent the expensive costs that can sometimes come with removing debris from a fence and having it completely replaced with new materials, we’ll do everything we can to clean the area and bring your fence back up to working speed. We’ll salvage the building materials that we can and replace the damaged ones with newer pieces or segments that blend in perfectly to the rest of your fence.


When you have repairs performed, you ultimately expect lasting reliability. Some clients worry that standard repairs won’t be lasting or enough to hold the fence in place until a new one can be installed. This is much the opposite, as our fence repairs have long been appreciated because we use techniques that will prolong your fence’s lifespan and reduce the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Our fence repairs are highly reliable and can hold or repair the damages, deterring them from returning and causing further damage to your fence.