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Fence Contractor

Luxury residential house with iron fence and green lawn in front

As the area’s most experienced fence contractor, we know what it takes to adequately and efficiently install and maintain fences of all kinds. As licensed professionals, we’re able to take your fences to the next level by customizing them in unique ways that make them more enjoyable and aesthetically-pleasing in your outdoor space. We’re certified to practice the most modern fencing installation and fence repair techniques, along with use the most advanced tools available to make our job easier and your fence more secure. Trust us, you’ll instantly notice a difference in your fence!

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As licensed experts, we maintain our knowledge of the fencing industry and always stay up to par when it comes to new advances in the field or technologies in fencing products. We only use certified products to assist us in our work, meaning you don’t have to worry about the types of paints or solutions that are being applied to your fence. We always come prepared with the highest grade of products to enhance the durability and appearance of your fence, along with our up-to-date license to practice our work on your property.

Codes and Regulations

As a priority, we always put your safety first. This means understanding and following all of the necessary codes and regulations needed when installing and building a fence to fit your space. There are specific codes and regulations that oversee how fences can be built in neighborhoods, for commercial properties, and a variety of other spaces. We stay informed about all of these codes and regulations and will advise you on the best methods for installing your new fence to meet these requirements. This includes obtaining building permits, where needed, as well as height regulations and overall safety of the fencing structure. These codes and regulations are governed by fence building standards and local authorities and are maintained for your safety.

Planning and Preparation

In order to carry out our work appropriately, there is a standard of planning and preparation we must uphold before we can actually begin working. This includes scaling the space available and providing you your options for fences based on their use, purpose, your budget, and the terrain you have. In doing so, this helps the client gauge the process of installing a new fence as well as what to expect with the finished result.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With our fencing solutions also comes unbeatable customer and product satisfaction. We understand that clients who aren’t well versed in the fencing industry might not know what’s best for their outdoor space. While some contractors might be eager to take advantage of that, we’re the opposite and actually want to inform you of your options beforehand. We give you a great list of products and services to choose from that are all backed by our guarantee of satisfaction. We detail each of our projects with care and want to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the outcome of our work, from start to finish.