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this image shows cedar fence in Sacramento, California

Many people like to add a natural, rustic charm to their home by installing a cedar shake fence. Cedar is an attractive and popular option because the wood absorbs water which helps prevent rotting; it also retains its color well in direct sunlight. The most common type of installation for this type of fence is with posts set into concrete footings, although some homeowners choose to have them installed on top of the dirt. It's important to properly maintain your new cedar shake fence so that it will give you many years of service and beauty.

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About Sacramento Fencing Pros in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Fencing Pros specialize in installing cedar fences and other fence types for homeowners. With years of experience, we provide professional workmanship and designs that you can't find at your local hardware store. Our expert team is highly trained and committed to the highest standards of customer service.

Sacramento Fencing Pros specialize in helping homeowners like you design beautiful yards with quality fences at affordable prices; we offer free consultations on your project idea. We will help you decide which type of fence is best for your needs. We install cedar fences and other types such as redwood, vinyl, wood, pine, or chain link; call us today to learn more about our services.

Sacramento Fencing Pros installs high-quality fencing throughout Sacramento, CA.

Benefits of Cedar Fence Installation

There are several benefits of cedar fence installation. First, cedar fences are beautiful, and they also help create a more private feeling in your yard so that you can enjoy it without interruption from neighbors or passersby on the sidewalk. Cedar is an attractive wood choice because of its resistance to rot, insects, and decay; these factors make it stand up better over time than other fencing materials such as steel. Cedar fences are more expensive than other materials; however, they offer a lifetime of protection and beauty.

Disadvantages of Cedar Fence Installation

A disadvantage of cedar fence installation is the high cost. Cedar, especially the Western Red variety, is a valuable wood, and therefore it costs more than other fencing materials such as vinyl or aluminum. In addition to the price tag for the actual wood material itself because installing cedar fences requires specialized training that many people do not possess. This type of installation can take longer than other types, and it's important to find an expert who knows how to build them, so they look great when finished properly.

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