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Antelope Fence Installation

this picture shows antelope fence installation

Are you a local of Antelope and are looking for reliable fence specialists? Do you desire to engage someone who knows their way around securing residential and commercial properties with sturdy and durable fences? If your answers to the above questions are yes to you, then we are talking to you.

Welcome to engage the team at Sacramento Fence Pros. Call (916) 306-8338 and or use the contact tab on our website to talk to us.

For years, Sacramento Fence Pros has been on the frontline of providing some of the best fencing projects around Antelope. The number of successful projects that we have worked on keeps growing, thereby earning us a position among the best fencing companies in Sacramento. Whenever you are looking for Antelope fence installation experts, therefore, you can always engage us.

Fencing Pro Service in Antelope, CA

Our fence products are designed for both the residential and business communities of Antelope, CA. They include:


Aluminum Alloy

These fences are usually available in different colors such as white powder-coated paint, black, and bronze. The powder-coated paint ensures the fence does not peel off over time, and it can continue serving you with little maintenance demands. The fence will also not rust and is fit for both residential and commercial uses.

Chain Link

Chain link fence options can include vinyl coated or galvanized to ensure they withstand weather changes too. They can also be available in different colors like black, green, brown, among others, depending on a client's preferences.


Vinyl fences have come a long way having been used from decades ago and up to date. Usually, they can be reinforced with aluminum I-beams to prevent them from sagging. They are maintenance-free and can also feature a myriad of colors including wood grain, almond, white, and grey.


Wood fences are the most common designs for both commercial and residential fencing needs. Most people prefer having a redwood fence over other wood types due to its resilience and durability. As it is sturdy too, it can serve you for over 25 years with no to minimal maintenance needs.

Contact Sacramento Fencing Pros

Among the above fences, which design do you think suits your needs? If any or all please you, do not hesitate to talk to our fence specialists. Call (916) 306-8338 or use the contact form on this site to engage us.